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                 The Collie Hospice


Stay awhile at the Collie Hospice where


 you will find nourishment, rest and love


 for as long as you need it!


And, when you feel well enough to continue your


 journey, we will do our utmost to ensure your next


 home will be a safe haven for the rest of your life.





Whilst the reason for our involvement in rough collie rescue is covered on the “Who We Are” page, we felt the caring aspect of our work needed further explanation.  At times we do question our own sanity and, on other occasions, we become somewhat frustrated by the lack of government regulation regarding the ever spiralling numbers of puppies being bred, the ongoing problem of unwanted older dogs and the apparent lack of concern about the health and well-being of too many neglected domestic pets.  One just has to type in a particular breed on Google or Yahoo to find dozens – if not hundreds - of puppies and older dogs being advertised by sellers, many of whom are out to make a fast buck – the proceeds from which will often be used to buy a car, go on holiday or build a conservatory on the back of house!  As long as people are able to put a price on a dog’s head, sadly, man’s best friend will continue to be exploited.  That is one of the reasons why we feel uncomfortable about asking a set donation for our adopted collies.  We point out to adoptive owners that any donation they may wish to make will be used for the next collie coming into our care – in such circumstances, they are helping more than one dog.  Not only are they giving a home to one of our orphans but they are also doing something positive to help another. 


During their time with us, the collies are fostered by us in a home environment, i.e. no kennels.  Generally, they don't thrive well in kennels and we will rarely rehome any of our collies to people who plan to regularly use boarding kennels for holidays, etc.  Whilst the collies are with us, we are able to assess them and evaluate which type of home will best suit each collie.


Many of the strays are underweight, their coats are matted and, whilst they may not have been physically abused, there has definitely been mental abuse with many that pass through our door. Sadly, too many people acquire a rough collie and just don’t understand their needs, particularly their sensitivity and emotional needs.   True rough collie owners will develop a solid and long-lasting relationship with their collie in that they “give and take” on both sides.   But for some less knowledgeable rough collie owners, they may look to their “Lassie” to rescue them from the ills of the world without acknowledging they are a high maintenance breed because of their coat or realising they have an instinctive desire to be somebody’s constant companion.   Coupled with its high degree of intelligence, this majestic breed has a protective and serving nature.   Anybody who sees the rough collie as "just another dog" is missing out on something very special.  (Thanks to jak for your input.)


Fortunately, once a collie has arrived at "the hospice", he or she will soon learn from the others that it is a sanctuary – a place where they can relax and know that they are now safe.  Hopefully you will understand when we say “we bring the smile back”.  It is so sad when an unkempt collie arrives here; there is so much sadness in their eyes, their tails are down and there is little eye contact.  But within a day or so it is like they grow a couple of inches in height, their eyes start to have a sparkle and there is a definite spring in their step - even the OAPs that come here.


The best part of looking after the collies is placing them with people who have been owned by rough collies before; they understand the breed, know their needs and the collies definitely recognise true collie people.  Yes, it is sad for us when the collies leave us but, as we usually rehome within an hour's drive from home, we arrange to meet up now and again for a walk or at fundraising events.  One wonderful collie did get to me (Ros) and I so wanted to keep him.  But I knew he deserved a home where he would be the centre of attention - did I cry buckets the afternoon we took him to his new home!!!!   All was not lost however in that he comes back to us for holidays - so I can still indulge myself now and again.


Many people ask why do collies end up in rescue.  There are marital break-ups, allergies, illnesses, bereavements, financial reasons, change of work routine, new baby, moving to smaller or otherwise unsuitable properties, etc.  Many of these collies have been well cared for and the owners are devastated at having to part with the dogs.  It is when we are asked to take in a stray that it comes home to us that too many collies end up with people who never did their homework on the physical and emotional needs of this majestic breed.  Sadly when the cute little teddy bear grows to be a large, hairy, smelly burden, they end up unwanted.  No collie would want to be dirty and matted by choice - it's amazing what a difference being groomed and bathed will make to one of our strays.  As rough collie people know, the collie should have a clean and sweet-smelling coat – how many of you will confess to nuzzling your nose into your collie’s coat to smell that wonderful unique scent?   


We hope this helps to give you a better understanding of our work.





We would like to take this opportunity to thank all concerned at Avonvale Veterinary Centres (based in South Warwickshire) for their fantastic help and support.  They take great care of our collies who routinely attend their Wellesbourne surgery for vaccinations and neutering and other medical treatment as required.  Occasionally, some of our charges may need to stay overnight at their Veterinary Hospital based in Warwick - it's so reassuring to know they are receiving such an excellent standard of treatment and aftercare.



 Especial thanks to Russell Hall and his colleagues based at Wellesbourne, Anita White and Kieron O'Halleran (based at Warwick and Kenilworth respectively) - some of our collies are not the easiest to treat but nothing has phased you so far!