rough collie rescue midlands


From time to time, we do what we can to help border collies in need.  They tend to be older and the more laid back type - enter Pippa.

This wonderful collie came to us from friends in Eire early in 2010 when our dear friends, Malcolm and Joan, lost their beloved Clyde and felt the house was so empty and needed another collie to make the house complete again.  Pippa had been picked up straying, not claimed and spent almost a year with her foster carer waiting for that extra-special home.  The tears of sadness soon turned to tears of joy when Malcolm and Joan saw Pippa - they had seen her photograph but no way had that done her justice.  It was definitely a "meant to be" rehoming and this lovely collie soon made herself at home.  Clyde used to travel on the bus to the shops with Malcolm and Joan and, despite our initial reservations that Pippa would cope with such an experience, she was soon following suit and going out for excursions.   She is a real character and brings so much pleasure to her new adoptive owners.  This was definitely a high for us back in that long, cold winter of 2010.

Malcolm, Joan and Marian - thank you for taking such good care of Pippa.  She has definitely found her forever home.