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Yes, it’s that time of year that most owners and carers of animals dread.  Despite the constant doom and gloom concerning the economy, the firework season has well and truly started and it’s hard to understand why people are so keen to literally allow their hard-earned money to go up in smoke - all in the name of an Act of Parliament that remained in force until 1859 and originally designated each 5 November as a day of thanksgiving for "the joyful day of deliverance" from those who were involved in the Gunpowder Plot.  With so many preventable injuries to humans and animals alike, it is difficult to comprehend why the sale of fireworks to the public is allowed to continue! 


To minimize the risks of your pets becoming lost or scared on fireworks night, with the help of Battersea Dogs Home’s “Coping with Fireworks" guide, we would like to offer the following advice: 


Please remember that it is a legal requirement for your dog to wear a collar with an up-to-date ID tag in all public places.  However, please consider keeping a collar and tag on your dog at all times – even in the house – it could make all  the difference in helping you to be quickly reunited with your dog should it escape or stray from the house.  


Ensure your pet is microchipped, so you can be contacted if it goes missing.  A number of rehoming centres (e.g. Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs Homes) run discounted microchipping schemes.   If you have already chipped your pet, ensure your details are up-to-date with your chip provider and/or PetLog database, in case you have moved home or changed your landline/mobile phone number.  Also please ensure your pet is wearing its microchip ID tag as well.


Make sure your house is escape-proof by closing windows and doors and block off any dangerous or unsuitable areas, in case your pet tries to hide there.  Seriously consider having a kiddigate as an extra barrier between your dog and the front or back door.  Never shut your pet in a confined area as it will injure itself if it tries to escape.  Allow it access to all safe areas of the house.

Your dog may benefit from having a den to hide in, such as a table covered with a cloth for a dog. Never force them to use it, but fill it with comfortable blankets, treats and toys.   Introduce it before fireworks night so your pet is comfortable there.

The flashing lights of fireworks can scare pets, so keep your curtains drawn, and give them the option of rooms with both the lights on and off.

Fireworks make sudden sounds, so reduce their impact by keeping a radio or TV switched on.

Don’t let your pet outside when fireworks are likely to be let off.


Don’t leave your dog unattended outside, even for a couple of minutes, whether in the car, in the garden, or tied outside a shop. If a firework is set off, it is likely to panic.


There are often more fireworks in the afternoon after teenagers have left school, despite the ban on sales to under 18s.  Consider taking your dog for walks in the morning instead. 


Avoid walking in local recreation grounds and parks, where fireworks are often let off illegally. Drive out into the countryside instead. 


Remember to stay calm. Don’t comfort your pets too much, as this will make them think you are anxious. If your pet is destructive or messes in the house just ignore it, as punishing them will only heighten their stress.



Ban the Bang! needs you to send in your experiences about animals, wildlife and also people who have been badly affected by fireworks.
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where you can simply click to VOTE and support the campaign.   



There are a number of restrictions the public must comply with when setting off fireworks. These are stated in the Fireworks Regulations of 2004 (as amended).   Among the regulations are the following:

  • Under-18s may not possess adult fireworks in a public place;
  • Suppliers cannot sell category three fireworks with sound levels exceeding 120 decibels;
  • You may not use adult fireworks during the night (11pm to 7am) except on certain dates (Chinese New Year, Guy Fawkes' Night, Diwali and New Year's Eve.

Trading Standards is responsible for enforcing regulation 8 – the ban on excessively loud category three fireworks.  However, the police are responsible for enforcing the following regulations:

  • Regulation 4 – the ban on under-18s possessing fireworks in public places;
  • Regulation 5 – the ban on possessing a category four firework unless you are a fireworks professional;
  • Regulation 7 – the ban on the use of certain fireworks during night hours.

It was a lovely surprise to learn that Avonvale Vets had nominated Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands) to benefit from the dog food donated by clients of Avonvale as a result of their 2009 Christmas Appeal.  The canine stars are (left to right) Sally, Clodagh, Stella and Matty. 


                   Reproduced from Dog Theft Action Website:

 Photo Call

  What: Presentation of a microchip scanner by Victoria Stilwell

When: Saturday 10th March 2007 at 10.45 a.m.

Where: Dog Theft Action stand 106 Hall 2


Victoria Stilwell presents!


There will be photo opportunities and interviews about the issues surrounding dog theft with Victoria Stilwell; presenter of the hit TV show; It’s Me or the Dog currently airing in the UK and in over 18 countries worldwide.  Victoria is one of the world’s most recognized and respected dog trainers and she has delighted and reassured international audiences with her insight and passion for dog training.


Victoria will present a Pet ID Identifyer Microchip Scanner, donated to the Dog Theft Action Scanner Appeal by popular TV entertainer Bruce Forsyth and his daughter Debbie Matthews of Vets Get Scanning.


Victoria is presenting this scanner at Crufts 2007 in support of the strong association between these two organisations and their aims.  Victoria said, “I am delighted to support Vets Get Scanning and its associate Dog Theft Action. These two organisations both promote permanent ID and routine scanning of all dogs by vets. By presenting this scanner I hope to raise public awareness to these two issues as I believe they are crucial weapons in the fight against dog theft.”


The recipient of this scanner is Ros Dobson of Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands).   Ros said, “Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands) is very honoured to receive a DTA scanner. This piece of equipment will enable us to ensure that all dogs are scanned before we re-home them. We would also like to work in partnership with the police and other organisations in our locality offering out of hours scanning e.g. evenings, weekends and bank holidays so that dogs can be quickly reunited with their owners. This will reduce stress to dogs and owners alike”.  

DTA has received a positive response from welfare and rescue charities that are enthusiastic about permanent ID and scanning of ALL dogs for microchips, prior to rehoming. DTA is fundraising in order to purchase scanners that are then offered to deserving organisations, free of charge.

 DTA is delighted to receive this very generous donation of two more scanners from Vets Get Scanning to present to deserving charities at Crufts 2007. A total of five scanners have now been donated by Vets Get Scanning.

DTA is happy to welcome VGS to its stand at the most prestigious event in the canine calendar; Crufts 2007 confirming the successful partnership between the two organisations. DTA and VGS are delighted at their continuing success in raising public awareness to this heartbreaking crime. Together VGS and DTA are promoting Permanent ID and asking vets to routinely scan all dogs at their practices, which will result in stolen, microchipped dogs being reunited with their rightful owners.


Personnel from DTA and VGS will be on hand to discuss the issues surrounding dog theft e.g. permanent identification, security issues and understanding of the law. Dog lovers are invited to support the campaign to make the UK a safer place for dogs and their owners.




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