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The Wonderful Clodagh

Clodagh came to us from across the waters in Eire.   Rescued by our dear friend, Jean, from one of the many stray dog pounds, this lovely natured bitch settled in with us from day one.  When Jean took her home, the first thing she did was give her a bath - apparently she smelt absolutely disgusting.   

       Unclaimed at Dunboyne Pound               What a difference a make-over can make!


By the time Clodagh came over to the UK, she had quite understandably made

a real impact on Jean - nicknamed her "velcro dog".  What a brilliant

description of these wonderful collies who don't ask a for lot in life - just to be the constant companion of their adoptive owners.

We can't understand why such a lovely collie remained unclaimed at the dog pound - with such a brilliant temperament she must have been special to somebody somewhere.    And, when we took her to the vets to be neutered,

they found she had already been spayed.  Somebody must have cared about

her at some time. 

Clodagh has been adopted by a lovely family who are experienced rough collie owners and understand their personality and needs.  As many of you will know some rough collies can have hyper-sensitive hearing and noises from certain mechanical/electrical items (usually hoovers, shavers, aerosol sprays) can have a detrimental effect on their behaviour. Poor Clodagh is no exception.  With the advent of Spring and the start of the lawn-mowing, hedge-trimming, weed-strimming season, she became very agitated and felt she needed to sort out these noisy contraptions.  She displayed similar behaviour with motorbikes, especially the "pop-pop sound" that some make.  Her new adoptive owners knew they had a challenge on their hands but they are determined to help Clodagh overcome her fears.

We have received a couple of brilliant updates about Clodagh recently

"Clodagh has settled in so well.    She has so much attention from the four

of us and loves a good fuss.   She is so affectionate and also greets

everyone with a warm welcome-even the postman.  Clodagh has been

for two walks a day and we hope it helps her get used to the noise of

motor bikes.   Clodagh has met Shula and Honey who are also rough

collies belonging to family members and has been for a long walk with

them.  We are so happy that Clodagh has joined us and would like to

thank you. We think you do a wonderful job."


"Clodagh is making progress with the noise of motorbikes which is good.  She now sleeps on the sofa and is quite at home.   We are so glad to hear

that you have helped more dogs find a better home. Keep up the brilliant

work.    We think you will be very impressed when you see her. Her coat

is coming on a treat.     From us all - Rose, Paul, James and Liz x "


As you can see from the photos, Clodagh is very much part of her new family.  Thank you Rose, Paul, James and Liz - Ruth made that phone call just at the

right time!