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Out and About - Raising Funds

Posted on August 21, 2011 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (1)

We're aware that we haven't posted anything on the Blog since early July.  Here's a quick round-up of where we have been and what we've been doing.  The summer months are our busiest period for "hands on" fundraising at dog shows, open days, village fetes, etc.  We love this time of the year but it all goes far too quickly.  Coupled with raising much needed funds, we've still been busy placing dogs in new homes and carrying out follow-up visits.  We will update the website on this aspect as time permits ... so please bear with us.

We had a fantastic day at the Stratford Racecourse Family Fun Day on 10 July.  There were hundreds of visitors, many of whom came to support our stall.  We raised the grand sum of £427.04 including donations - our thanks to everybody who helped to make this such a success, especially all the racecourse staff (in particular Zoe) for organising the event.  A special mention to Eric Harris (grounds supervisor) and his team for all their hard work in providing such a lovely events area.

Unlike previous years, the rain stayed away for the Brailes Village Show on 13 August.  As the sun emerged, the crowds flocked to this wonderful event to see all the entertainment that had been so well organised by the committee.  We raised £197.55 in total and, through the kindness of Malcolm and Helen Pendery (who covered the cost of our stall), this was pure profit.  Thank you Malcolm and Helen .... it was lovely to see you at the show.  Thanks to all involved in organsing the event, especially Ness Boyce who looked after us so well.  Finally, thanks to Jane Wollington for helping with our stall.

That Saturday turned out to be a bonus in that Lyn Fairbrother came along and presented us with the proceeds from the collection tin in her grocery shop - £28.64 ... more or less the cost of a vaccination/booster.  Thank you to customers at the Londis, Banbury, who donate their loose change when you go to buy your daily papers, etc. - please be assured your kindness is very much appreciated.

Yesterday, we had a stall at Tysoe Village Flower Show and Fete.  Despite a light shower early in the afternoon, the sun gradually appeared which brought out all the local residents and visitors from nearby villages.   Yet again, our Lucky Chip Stick Game proved to be a real success; we raised £128.50 including donations.  Thanks again to Jane for helping Chris to set up the stall and staying for the whole day.  Thanks also to all the show committee, especially Sam Littlewood for organising Petticoat Lane.

While we were at the Show, Carole and Brian Markham came to see us with Tess, one of our Irish waifs who went to live with them just over three years ago.  Take a look at our photo gallery where we will be downloading some pics we took of this lovely collie who has landed on her feet after such a rough start in her early life.

Think that's all at the moment.  Next weekend, we will be at the TARRS Fun Dog Show, Ryton Pools on Sunday 28 and Ilmington Village Fete on Bank Holiday Monday (not far from Stratford upon Avon).  If you are free, please come along.  We would love to see you.

Fundraising Updates

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We had a fantastic day last Sunday at the Dogs Trust Fete/Open Day, Wickhamford.  Admittedly the baking hot weather probably deterred a few people from coming along but  our Lucky Chip Stick Game earned us the grand sum of £196.45.  Our sincere thanks go to everybody at the Dogs Trust for allowing us to have a stall and for letting us be part of such a special occasion.  Congratulations to all the staff and volunteers for all your hard work - we really do appreciate everything you do.

Chris went to the RSPCA Dog Show at Kidderminster this afternoon while Ros stayed at home catching up with paperwork and watching the Men's Final at Wimbledon!   We think quite a lot of other people decided to watch the tennis as the event wasn't as well supported as the organisers had hoped.  Nevertheless, we raised a total of £50.96 and Chris took the opportunity to catch up with one of our special foster-carers who lives in Stourport on Severn.  Thanks to everyone at the Kiddermisnter branch of the RSPCA - especially Janis and the committee.  We feel very privileged to be part of your own fundraising activities.

Penny is still looking for her forever home .....

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We mentioned Penny in our Blog a few months ago at the time she had come to us for rehoming. She is a typical border collie type - loads of energy, mad on balls and raring to go all the time. But, thankfully, in the house, she is well-mannered and a delight to have around. She wasn't particularly house-trained when she first came to us but with lots of patience and encouragement, she has almost got to the point of being 100% clean. She is a very loving dog who we feel would thrive as an only dog - originally we thought she would benefit from being with another dog but she can be rather bossy and possessive of toys and balls.  

Here's a short video of Penny in her element .... 

And another ...

If you are seriously interested in offering Penny a home, please phone us so we can have a chat - 01789 269242.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Local Groomers

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Thank goodness we have a couple of reliable, quality groomers we can call on when any of our collies need a makeover.   In fact Sally is being groomed whilst I update this blog.

Provided owners have the correct equipment for their type of dog and they groom the coat regularly, there may never be a reason to look for the services of a professional groomer.  However, sometimes your dog might not be very co-operative or you may just want to pamper him or her.  At such times, look no further than:-

Carole Gowers, Evesham Dog Grooming Acadamy (01386 244375) - conveniently located close to the Evesham Country Centre at Twyford.  So while your dog is left in safe hands, you can treat yourself to coffee and cake at the garden centre!    Lots more details about Carole and her Grooming Academy can be found at:

Jan Knott, based in Stratford upon Avon, Woof Kuts - 07793 763797.  Jan groomed a couple of collies for us last year, as well as the occasional Shih Tzu we fostered for Southern Shih Tzu Rescue.

Both Carole and Jan have first-rate reputations within the area.  They offer excellent value for money and, at no extra cost, they will share constructive advice and suggestions to owners to help them groom their dogs in between visits.  We have a very high regard for both of them.  They are kind and patient with the dog's best interest their first priority.  There is always a calm feeling at their salons, both based within the grounds of their own home.  Our dogs never get stressed and we know our dogs will always end up looking like Crufts Champions!

Thank you Carole and Jan for being there when we need you!

Catching up ....

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Sorry the website hasn't been updated recently.  Things have been pretty hectic since the start of the year.  Looking after a succession of collies, coupled with a family bereavement, left us with very little time to sort out our admin etc.  Apart from our families (two legged) and work, our main priority has been the welfarfe of the dogs - walking, grooming, vet runs, home visits, follow-ups, etc. - needless to say, we have had very little spare time to do anything else.

That said, we managed to take some time out during May and had a couple of weeks holiday in North Cornwall - this year we really felt we deserved it!   Thank you to Jo Stuttaford for letting us (and the four dogs) stay in her beautiful Lees Nook Cottage right next to Constantine Beach.   Despite the gloomy daily forecasts, the weather didn't interfere with our travel plans and we managed to get around the county to visit all our favourite haunts ... well, except one or two - Porth Kidney Beach (near St Ives) and Penzance.  The dogs thoroughly enjoyed their romps on the long, sandy beaches and we were kept amused by Daisy (the Pom) playing with her aqua-frisbee!     Will put some pics in the Photo Gallery to share with you.

The fundraising season has just begun.  We just hope that the weather is kind to us as all the events will be outdoors.  Schedule of events can be found on the Fundraising Page.




Canine Friends Raffle Draw 2011

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Thank you to all those dear friends and supporters who participated in the raffle draw this year.  We've been busy selling them since early April.  We keep all the proceeds from the tickets we sell so it's pure profit as far as we are concerned. Canine Friends provide the prizes, the draw for which was made this afternoon at the customary Garden Party in Pershore.  It was brilliant to see three of the winning tickets drawn had come out of our allocation of books.   The ticket sales themselves totalled £700.50, our best year to date.  Many of those who purchased tickets were extremely kind and sent additional donations totalling £640 - WOW, thank you!   Mustn't forget to say special thanks to Lin Fairbrother and Adrian Holgate for their efforts in selling quite a few extra books.  A heart-felt thank you to Christine Mason for all her hard work in organising the raffle draw and providing the cash prizes/vouchers as well as hosting the Garden Party. 

Once again, our sincere thanks to everybody who helped us to achieve this notable amount.

Charity Stall at Rother Market, Stratford upon Avon

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A massive thank you to everybody who came to the stall last Friday, 3 June 2011.   The weather was fantastic - wall to wall sunshine.  We had a steady flow of customers who, yet again, commented on how much they were impressed by the quality of items on the stall.  A few people chanced their arm by trying to get us to reduce our prices but, as it was the first time out for most of the items, we stood firm and refused to budge and got the price we wanted.   We had a great selection of items, many of which had been donated by our friends and supporters.  Special thanks to Fred & Barbara, Kath & Judy, Annalisa, Ros' Mum and Chris' late Mum.  Mustn't forget Sandy Chaplin for the spider plants she delivered to the stall, all of which were sold within a couple of hours!   We raised a total £228.83 - a great start to the fundraising season.

If you need a dog whisperer, then LA's your man ...

Posted on February 28, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (5)

If you have a dog with behavioural issues and you live in the West Midlands area (e.g. Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon), please give LA a call to talk about ways in which he could help.  There is no such thing as an immediate cure but, from our own experience, a couple of precious hours with LA will put you into a completely different mindset and feel more able to cope with the trials and tribulations of dealing with a dog in need of rehab.

During 2010, LA helped to retrain one of our delinquent rough collies who went to live in Coventry a few years ago.  He was rather vocal and saw himself as leader of the pack - canine and human!   We were so impressed to hear of Mossie's transformation, we asked LA if he could help us with Sheba, a difficult and unpredictable bitch who had come into our care during the summer.  It is still work in progress as far as Sheba's rehab is concerned but we know we are making positive progress.  We are hopeful we will be able to rehome her but, at the moment, we are not rushing into anything.  LA has also helped the owners of two more rough collies in crisis - and the feedback we have received is remarkable. 

LA with Willow, Sheba and Oakey

At last, we have found a local dog whisperer who doesn't pre-judge and who takes his time to decide on the best course of action going forward.  Above all else, he is very much in tune with the quirky ways that some rough collies can display - and that's saying something! 

Great News About Henry!

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Dear Henry went to live with his new adoptive owner a couple of weeks ago and we had a phone call over the weekend to let us know he has made himself at home and settling into his new surroundings and routine.  

For those of you who visit our website on a regular basis, you will know this gentle giant had been with us for nearly a year and, just as we were resigning ourselves to thinking Henry was here to stay, Mary's daughter spotted Henry on our website and told us her mother would love to foster him.  Admittedly, his new home in Cheshire was a bit further to travel than we would normally go but it seemed so right for him.  So on yet another rainy Sunday, Chris set off with Henry on board plus his bed, food, etc. and just over a couple of hours later they arrived to a very warm welcome - all eyes on Henry.  Mary and Paula were particularly taken with Henry's beautiful mahogany colour coat which, over the last few months, has grown even deeper and richer in various shades.  His fur is great condition now and over the winter he grew a lovely thick undercoat - non-existent when he arrived last March.

We are so pleased for Henry that he is now getting all the pampering he deserves so much. He has been a brilliant chap - so accepting of all the different collies who have come and gone over the last year. He and Mary are each other's constant companions. Mary knows we have no idea as to Henry's true age and we so love her attitude that she will take each day as it comes. Henry is a pretty shrewd guy and we hope he will make sure he stays around for a while yet!


We have a lovely photograph of Henry with Mary but, before we post it on here, we need to check she okay with our doing that.  Watch this space!



Penny Needs A Home

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Penny, who is currently in Ireland (in the care of Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline), was found straying in Cork city.   Having searched for her owner with no success, this wonderful organisation are now looking to re-home her and have asked for our help.

Penny is a very pretty border collie/border collie cross. She is about 9 months old and is very loving and loyal. She needs basic training as, like all border collies, she is very energetic. She is eager to please and we know she would make a wonderful companion. When she meets another dog for the first time she can become defensive but, with a little patience, encouragement and firm words, she gets on fine.

Penny is currently living with another energetic dog and both spend the day playing happily – it would be great if we could place her where there is an existing dog.

If you believe you can offer Penny the kind of experienced home she needs, please phone us – 01789 269242.